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Decor-4-U has everything you need to turn your house into a warm and welcoming showplace. With our exceptional selection of the highest quality indoor and outdoor products at prices to fit your budget, we know you’ll discover designs that truly reflect your personal style.


These containers are perfect for the gardener in your life. Our indoor and outdoor planters make it easy to indulge that special person with a green thumb anytime and anywhere.

From our charming tabletop designs to our rustic wooden outdoor planters, our styles have a handmade feel that help you beautifully display your greenery.

We’ve incorporated innovative solar options with some of our outdoor planters that are as lovely as they are environmentally friendly. The sun’s rays are captured in the solar light at the top of the containers that then warmly glows at night.

The entire selection is unique and also includes wooden wishing wells that add a bit of whimsy to our collection of outdoor planters

Let us brighten up your decor inside and out.  We offer carefully chosen items hand selected for just about anyone's taste, at a reasonable price.  From exotic to classical we have it all.  Everything from candles to outdoor decor, and everything in between.  Oriental to ordinary visit us first for great deals.  We have been in business for 14 years comparing products, and only selecting the top quality products at the best price, for you our customers.

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Company Information

Decor-4-U is located in North East Arkansas.  We are a family owned and operated business, and have been in business for 14 years.  We offer our customers the personal touch that is missing from many big businesses today.  Starting from small beginnings ourselves, we understand the needs of the normal everyday shopper.  Making every dollar count in this day and time is something we are all looking for.


Our Mission

To Offer The Finest Quality Products At Affordable Prices And Provide Exceptional Customer Service As We Dominate Our Market Through A Partnership Of "Distinguished Shoppers And Entrepreneurs" Co-Creating Trust And Credibility Through A Safe And Secure Ordering Process Supported By Our Unconditional Devotion To The Quality Of Products And Support We Give "YOU" Our Customer.


The History Of

Decor-4-U was designed to simplify your search for quality gifts and decor.  Let us brighten up your decor inside and out.  We offer carefully chosen items hand selected for just about anyone's taste, from Exotic to Classical, Candles to Outdoor Decor, and Oriental to Ordinary, we have it all.  Visit us using everyday language as search terms to make your search go smoothly.  We always Offer The Best Quality Products To "YOU" Our Distinguished Customer, at a reasonable price.


Company Staff

William J. Rieger is the President of  William has been employed in the transportation industry for over 36 years.  His studies now are in the field of Business Management.  Being a part of the working class for over 30 years William understands how important it is to a family unit for every dollar to count.  William is father of 3, and is a native of Southern Illinois.


Erma J. Magness is the Vice President of .  Erma has Associates degrees Business Technology (Business Administration), Business Technology (Administrative Services), and Microcomputer Business Application.  Erma is a mother of 3, and is a native of North East Arkansas. 


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